Ground Force: Shoot First, Aim Later

By: Hayden Van Wormer


Note from the Commander:

Elite. Precise. Lethal. Tier Zero. Operating under the cover of broad daylight to protect the freedoms of other people, who also move about in broad daylight. Diving in face first and eyes closed. Truly embracing the unit motto, “Shoot First - Aim Later,” every Ground Force soldier puts mission first, and results second, and it shows! This recently (mostly) unclassified snippet into the hallowed history of Ground Force highlights the trials and tribulations of the world’s best soldiers as they ruin everything they touch. 














Hayden Van Wormer is an Army veteran who lives in Maryland by way of Alaska.


He received his MFA from the University of Baltimore in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts and got the idea for his first book at 3 a.m. over a bottle of whiskey with his best friend while on vacation at a shitty cottage in Virginia. This is his first book. 

100% of the net profits from Ground Force: Shoot First, Aim Later are being donated to the Task Force Dagger Foundation in support of special operations service members' immediate needs, health initiatives, and recreational therapy events. For more information, or to make your own donation, please visit

© 2018 by Hayden Van Wormer

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